Townsville Bridge Club - Program

September 2018

Sat 11:00pmPairs
Sun 21:00pmPairs
Mon 31:00pmMonday Teams (1)Red Points
Tue 4
Wed 57:00pmRestricted Conventions Pairs (1)
Thu 69:30amPairs
Fri 79:30amPairs
Sat 81:00pmPairs
Sun 91:00pmPairs
Mon 101:00pmMonday Teams (2)Red Points
Tue 11
Wed 127:00pmRestricted Conventions Pairs (2)
Thu 139:30amNationwide PairsGreen points in the Club. Red points online
Fri 14 Magnetic Teams CongressEntries on the Entry Form
Sat 15 Magnetic Teams CongressEnter on the Entry Form please.
Sun 16 Magnetic Teams Congress
Mon 171:00pmMonday Teams (3)Red Points
Tue 18
Wed 197:00pmRestricted Conventions Pairs (3)
Thu 209:30amPairs
Fri 219:30amPairs
Sat 221:00pmPairs
Sun 231:00pmPairs
Mon 241:00pmPairs
Tue 25
Wed 267:00pmPairs
Thu 279:30amPairs
Fri 289:30amPairs
Sat 291:00pmPairs
Sun 301:00pmPairs